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Hemsworth’s in Speedos

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To be honest, I don’t know much about the Hemsworth brothers.  I think they started acting in one of our local TV soap operas (not something I watch), then one of them was Thor (again, something I’m not really a fan of) and they make the socialite pages because they hang out at the Australian version of Malibu, a beach town called Byron Bay.  I’m not a fan of Byron Bay either, too many dirty backpackers, much nicer beaches and coastal towns but none with the ‘Byron Bay’ name I suppose.

But, if this photo below is of Chris Hemsworth wearing a tiny little speedo, I might be persuaded to become a fan.  Darn he wears that speedo well, and I can’t see any dork short tan lines so he must be a speedo fan.

He has a new fan in me…..  hahaha.

Chris Hemsworth in a SpeedoChris Hemsworth Speedo Photo

March 23rd, 2024

Schwarzenegger’s in Speedos

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There are a few celebrity speedo pics out there (let me know if you’d like me to publish them more often) – leave a note in the comments).

Old Arnie Schwarzenegger has a bunch of pics of him wearing speedos, or more weird old body builder briefs or wide speedos.

Speedo SchwarzeneggerSchwarzenegger Speedo

There are also some of him more recently as an old dude wearing a classic black speedo brand speedo.

Arnie Speedos

More interestingly though, there have been some pics of his illegitimate son, Joseph Baena speedo’ing it up.

Joseph Baena Speedos

I don’t know much about him except that Arnie shagged his Mexican nanny (or house cleaner) and the result is Joseph who looks a lot more like Arnie than his legitimate kids.  Aparently Joseph posts pics of himself at the pool in his speedo which is awesome.

And he looks awesome in his speedos as well.

Anyone know what pool that is?  Would be a fun place to hang out and do some laps.

If you are a member and seeing it blurry, please login.

Joseph Baena in Speedos

September 12th, 2021

Djokovic Speedos It Up

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I’ve been surfing in speedos – click here to read about the first time I did that (warning… I did end up getting fucked in the dunes afterwards).

But, I have never played tennis in a speedo, I think it would be fun and would be great for my speedo tan during summer but alas, speedos aren’t really that acceptable just yet.

Here are some candid celebrity shots of Novak Djokovic speedo’ing it up in Spain.  I wonder if speedos are more acceptable in Spain?  I have no idea since I’ve never been to mainland Europe.  Anyone want to invite me this northern hemisphere summer?

March 29th, 2019

Jensen Button in his speedo

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For those of you who don’t know, Jensen Button is an English F1 Driver (retired).  From his interviews and stuff he seems like a nice guy.  He is big into triathlons and here are some pics that were taken recently of him in California at the pool in his black speedos.

He is a real athlete so it would be weird if he wasn’t sporting a speedo.

Jensen Button's SpeedoJensen Button in a black speedoJensen Button in a speedo

August 21st, 2017

Celebrity in Speedos

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Road trip/Sex Safari is going great guys.  Yesterday was a bit of a drive and Alex and I are still at the Aanuka Resort which is right on the beach and we had a fuck this morning (instead of a surf).  Last night I wanted to fuck Alex on the beach or just somewhere outdoors but he was too nervous.  It is kind of cute how he is still afraid of being seen as gay… when we checked in he made a point to ask the check-in chick if there were 2 beds.

We didn’t end up sleeping in the same bed but we were both in one of them at the same time of course.

Anyway, that is enough of that, here are some pics that I’ve been working on this morning sitting in bed.

I always love a celebrity speedo sighting and here are some pics that I found the other day of ‘Luke Evans’.  I really don’t have any idea who he was until I looked him up.  He was in the last couple of Hobbit/Lord of the Rings movies where I liked his character but I haven’t seen the other movies that he has been in.

But, now that I have seen this guy in a speedo, I’m a fan!!!

And I’m a fan of that blue Arena speedo he is wearing too, just perfect low on the hips with a nice bulge……

Luke Evans in a Speedo

September 11th, 2015
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