I’m honestly not a huge fan of tattoos.  It hasn’t, and wouldn’t stop me from fucking or dating someone, all things the same, I’d prefer no tattoos.

I don’t have any tattoos and I have no intention right now to get any.

Funny thing is, in porn, models without tattoos are paid more…. which to me says that people prefer no tattoos.  If people liked tattoos – then porn actors and actresses would be paid more to have them.

Check out these guys in their speedos below…. they are gorgeous and have smashing bodies and then… someone graffitied all over them.

Anyway, I’ll stop ranting.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the whole tattoo thing so leave a comment.

I’ve posted some pics of girls with tattoos over on my speedo blog –

Speedo TattooGuys in Speedos with TattoosRed Speedo Car WashSparkly Speedos

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DonFL said,  

Dave, I totally with you about tattoos. In my opinion they defile the otherwise gorgeous human body!


Spear said,  

I second that. Why deface a gorgeous muscled body with tats. It’s a total distraction from the work put into building up the male body.

Ben.S said,  

I don’t mind one or 2 small ones, as they can represent somthing your passionate about but anything on the scale of full sleeves or on your face is a no-no for me.

samspeedo said,  

Nah . . . I’m with DonFL and Spear on this one . . .

I LOVE an unadorned body. All the better to see an awesome physique, bulging muscles etc, rather than be distracted by some other person’s demented art work!

I’m thinking of investing in a tattoo removal business .. . there’s got to be a few million bucks to be made in a few years when all the guys currently with tatts get older, a bit more cuddly etc and the tatts start to fade.

Folks will be lining up in theor thousands for removal when the trend for tatts dies!

Dave Evans said,  

Sam Speedo,

I’ve had that same idea myself mate. In a few years time all these younger people getting inked will realise how silly it was.


DeepKisser said,  

If the guy has some muscles, a few small tats on the arms are not a big deal. More than that they will regret someday.

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