Underwear or Speedos?

Are these speedos or underwear?

It would be awesome if I saw these on the beach but I’d be more than happy taking a guy home, pulling his jeans down and seeing these!!!

Sexy SpeedoSexy Gay Speedo

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Dr. Phil said,  

Underwear, Dave…

This is from the Undergear catalog from several years back (they no longer exist, sadly!), and I remember this particular model very well, because, well, I’m sure you can guess! 😉

For whatever reason, the jockstrap-style back is not something that is allowed for swimwear, to my knowledge, in most places, and certainly in the standards that are set for most fashion designers; if there isn’t a central thong-type strap, then it’s underwear rather than swimwear.

Still, it’s a nice piece, I think, but mainly because of who is wearing it!

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