Very Public Sex

When your fuck buddy has the day off what are you to do?

Today Alex had the day off (I’m not sure why – I should have asked him) so we put the surfboards in the back of his ute (Australian for truck/pickup) and headed in the direction of Birdie Beach.  On the way up we stopped at the Shelley Beach Golf Club and grabbed some lunch.  I don’t know this part of the coast all that well and Alex had some ideas.  We ended up not quite making it to Birdie Beach and went for a surf somewhere a little south.

There was nobody about which was awesome and after a few hours in the water we came back in.  The idea to come back in was that since there was nobody at all on the beach, I wanted Alex to suck me off right out in the open.  You have to remember that Alex’s gay side hasn’t been acted on for very long and he is not out to ANYONE except me.

Alex said he was keen so that is exactly what we did.  We were both wearing boardies with speedos under them so back on the beach, I put my surfboard down as well as my boardies.  I was getting pretty hard with the thought of this and Alex wasted no time pulling my cock out the leg of my red Arena speedos and started working my cock.  It was pretty amazing standing on this beach in the daylight with a str8 acting guy sucking my cock for the entire world to see.  Just the thought of being caught made me cum a little quicker than usual and with both my hands holding the back of Alex’s head I made him take every drop.

Being the nice guy that I am…. I then let Alex fuck me which he did with gutso!!!

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hotty said,  

ahhhhh thats hot… making me cum all time.. any videos please??

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