What are your New Years plans?

Bit of a grey old start to New Years Eve here in Australia.

Not a whole lot planned here today, I think I’ll spend the morning working, have an afternoon nap then going to one of my friends parents house for dinner and bring in the New Year.  I can walk from their place but lots of old people so don’t see it being a big night.

I don’t think I’ll get a New Years kiss unfortunately.  Maybe next year – haha.

Does anyone have any big plans?

I’ll get stuck into some work, if you joined the SpeedoForum.org lately, I will get to activating your account now.  At least I can sit around working in my speedos…..  wearing my Portsea’s right now.

AussieBum Portsea

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Tom Johnson said,  

I’ll probably start the new year by cancelling my subscription to your site. I’ve tried 3x to reset my password and gotten no response.

Josh said,  

Tom, I’m having similar issues, can’t log in, no replies to emails

Michel said,  

The photo of the day, seems to be the photo of last year…
when are you able to post a new one ?
Kiss from Belgium.

William said,  

Portsea, really one of the sexiest of Aussiebum all nylon swimwear. Also comfortable to wear. I know because I have one of these speedos. http://aussiebumdudes.tumblr.com/post/162898997448/thenaturaltransformer

William said,  

By the way, the latest speedo photo #1206 on http://speedofetish.com/speedophoto.asp really aeging, its already two weeks there. Surprise us with a fresh photo.


There is a whole new Photo of the Day system being worked on so any new photos of the day are going into the new system.
Should be online later this week once Kip and I finish testing it.

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