Alex’s Red Speedos

Alex and I didn’t see Mr. Red Speedos yesterday but it was great to see Alex in his red speedo brand speedos.

He looked awesome in them!!!

Since we are both a bit hot and horny as a result of Mr. Red Speedo I think Alex will be dropping around after work today….. red speedos will be hurt/damaged during this process.

Red Speedo SelfieRed Speedo Bum

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2 comments on “Alex’s Red Speedos
  1. dgdjr says:

    Dave, I think we need to see a pic of you and Alex in your red speedos…please!

  2. k1speedo says:

    Now that’s a great idea dgdjr, how about it Dave????

    These 2 pics are so hot with their 2 different views of some very amazing guys. A very nice VPL in the 1st and 1 of the best butts I’ve seen in a while in the second. Can’t beat those red speedos, very yummy.

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