Aussie Swimmers

To tell you the truth I didn’t even realise the Olympics were coming up – obviously I knew they are in London this year but I had no idea when until I got back here.  The Aussie’s love the Olympics and it is all over the TV.

Last night some lesbian beach volleyball player has her panties in a bunch because she wants a woman to carry in the Aussie flag at the opening ceremony.

I really don’t get it.  National pride of course and us Aussie’s punch above our weight because of our performances in the pool but there is a reason the Olympics are only every 4 years – its boring.

I would like to be a fly on the wall in the athletes village though – all those hot bodies!!!!

Here is some of the guys from the Aussie swim team – I think it is the 4×100 relay team but correct me if I’m wrong.

Although I think it is boring – I wish all the Aussie athletes the best and I will be watching Matt Mitcham….. drooooling.

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2 comments on “Aussie Swimmers
  1. Paco says:

    Hey Dave,

    I just read an article on the Olympic Village… Looks like there’s a lot of fucking going on there 😉

    Anyway, love the photos you posted. Where did you get them? The guys are all hot, but my pick would be the third from the left (the second on the last pic). Who’s the hunk? Soooooooo hot! Perfect chest, perfect abs, tall and cute to top it all off! I want him!!!

  2. Dr. Phil says:

    It’s nice to see publicity shots like this, not only because they’re fun to look at (!), but also because this is appropriate for an event like this and what these athletes are known for. Of course, speedos were invented in Australia, for swimming, so that makes sense, but anyway…

    The U.S. has been going whole hog with Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps, and while both have appeared (training) in various commercials in speedos, for all of the glamour shots, they’re in jammers, or actual clothes…come on!

    And the pictures of divers are never long enough on the screen (at this point) to even determine that they’re human for the most part at this stage. But, I’m looking forward to watching Matt as well, and I wish him all the best!

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