Do you like the new layout?

It has been nearly a month since I changed the layout of the blog and I’m keen to hear what you guys think.

There hasn’t been any drop in traffic, so you guys are still here reading but there has been a major increase in page views (from 2 page views per visitor to 6 page views per visitor) with the new layout.  That is obvious that people have to click through to the posts.

Personally I’m still on the fence with it.  The technical features behind it are all working much better than the old design but if you guys don’t like the readability of it then none of that matters.

Keen to hear your thoughts guys.

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9 comments on “Do you like the new layout?
  1. dd-bos says:

    Looks great, Dave! Much more professional. Clearly, Kip is earning all that hot sex with you!

  2. Dave Evans says:


    Kip is responsible for much of the new layout that is for sure.


  3. HornDog says:

    My vote–the new blog is much harder to get through quickly as everything is so spread out. Go back to the old format, Dave!

  4. Sam says:

    Pretty happy with the new layout and accessibility of the site / pics / notes . . .

    Looks fresh and new as well.

  5. Josh says:

    I know I have said it before, but a “next post” and a “previous post” within each blog post would be really great – rather than having to go back tot the main page everytime

  6. Josh says:

    Other than that I like the new layout.

  7. Hungspeedoboi says:

    To be honest I really dislike it. Really hard to read. Hate having to click through to posts… Sorry Dave, thumbs down from me!

  8. cr says:

    I like the layout better then the old one, but I am with Josh with a previous/next option with the post. Keep up the good work Dave and Kip!

  9. greg says:

    I hate it, it’s extremely un-user friendly, it’s time consuming and annoying. I just want to be able to scroll through all the posts and photos easily

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