I have a boyfriend – Secret Number 2

I’m claiming this one as secret number 2.  Secret number 1 was no big surprise at all but I haven’t told you guys about.

I met him a couple of weeks ago now – his name is John but goes by JK (K is his last name which I’m not going to disclose here).  He is Irish, works at a pub in down here (that is where I met him) and he loves it that I’m into speedos.  I don’t think JK was into speedo before he met me but he is now I can promise you.

It all started after a big night in town when I first met JK, he was kewl and obviously gay.  I didn’t do anything that night but the next 2 nights I ended up at the same bar and he was working the whole time.  The first night I had introduced myself and he seemed to remember me and I definitely remembered him.

On the third night I slipped JK my number and gave him a wink – I was really nervous about how he’d take it but the next day I got a txt asking me for dinner.

We both met at the restaurant and had a wonderful meal.  Discussion did include our previous boyfriend history (of which I have none) and we both agreed that it would be fun to have a boyfriend in Queenstown.  From there we did make out at my car then JK walked home and I drove home.  I don’t think I have EVER had dinner with a guy and not gotten into his pants.

Guys kissing

2 days later after lots of TXTing we did it again over lunch.  Our discussion did turn sexual and we spoke about my love for speedos.  But again we didn’t go back to my place and shag each others brains out – we left the restaurant and went out seperate ways.

The day after JK asked me to see him at the bar when he finished work but I had to have dinner with the landlords so I couldn’t make it.  Then the day after that I was free but JK had to head down to Dunedin so we couldn’t catch up then.

Finally I got JK around to my place for dinner.

I was soooo nervous and I had everything ready by about 4pm (he wasn’t coming around until 7).  I was even shaking that is how nervous I was.

JK arrived right on time and I was onto my 2nd scotch.  I poured him a drink and settled down on my crappy couch infront of the fire (7pm is well after sunset here so the fire was nice and I had put on some music an hour or more before hand).  After about 15 minutes of chit chat I poured JK another drink and as a sat down we started making out.

You guys can’t imagine how much I had been looking forward to this!!!  He is a great kisser (I knew that from our first dinner together) and I was really wound up before he came over.

It was my turn to play hard to get though so I broke it off because ‘dinner was getting ready’.

I made a roast beef with roast sweet potato (kumura) and some roast veggies.  I didn’t make huge portions because when I’ve got a full belly I’m not that keen for sex and that was definitely something that was on my mind.

Dinner was served and it was fantastic, if I do say so myself.

Once dinner was finished we kept talking for a while and enjoyed our drinks.  Then I cleared the dishes and told JK we’ve move back into the lounge (which is actually the same room but we both had a laugh).

Back on the couch we started talking about boyfriends and stuff again and we both came to the consensus that we should be boyfriends.

I was the first to bring up the point that since we are boyfriend then we should move the conversation into the bedroom which we did…..

I’m too much of a gentleman to share that with you guys but let me just say that JK is an amazing guy.  He is cute, very sexual, his Irish accent makes me melt and he was wearing speedos that night.

I think I’m in love guys (Secret Number 2).

Dudes kissing


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6 comments on “I have a boyfriend – Secret Number 2
  1. Ken says:

    Dave, you lucky guy! Reminds me how I met my first b/f a few years back, how long I won’t say. But, boy do I remember the nerves the first time I invited him over. JK sounds like a really nice guy, and I hope you do well together!

  2. Mark says:

    Congrats Dave! and congrats John! Hope you guys have a great time together, woth lots of speedo and hottub fun! 🙂 Maybe you can surprise us with an utterly decent speedo-shot of the both of you?

    Please? 😉

  3. Mark says:

    Very happy for you Dave, from your nerves it sounds like you’ve found someone you’re really keen on. Good luck with it all, and here’s hoping this isn’t an end to your writing 😉

  4. TomCat says:

    hey Dave – whooo hoooo 🙂 Great news !

    take it nice and easy – ENJOY.

    xxx luv your work mate

  5. BigJay says:

    Dave – I am very happy for you. I know the feeling! enjoy him and it sounds like you really really like this guy. The nerves can get you.

    Very happy for you! 🙂

  6. bimkins_ca says:

    Good on ya!
    I hope that the two of you are very happy together!

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