I’m home!!!

Yes Will and I are finally in our new pad.

Far too tired to check out the hot tub just yet but tomorrow I’m sure.  We are both buggered and off to bed – I just wanted to check my laptop and thought I’d post quickly for you guys.

We’ve got a busy couiple of days – Will starts work on Tuesday,  the net is already setup so I am working already and we have to find 4 roommates so we can afford this palace that we are living in.

Here are some pics I found last year of a guy who I thought looks like Will a bit – he is younger of course (21yo) and not quite as muscular but it does look like him.  Bring on the speedos tomorrow I say!!!!  I also love this pics because the speedos being worn are the same as the first ever pair of AussieBums that I got – AussieBum Palm Beach.

Gay Aussie Boy

AussieBum Palm Beach

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

5 comments on “I’m home!!!
  1. Terrance says:

    Hey Dave. Great to hear you are here in Canada now. I wish I lived in BC to live with you and Will. I can
    only dream of the experiences. As for right now, I’ll have to stick with Ontario. Anyways hopefully all
    goes well. If you have a minute sometime send me a line on msn. I would love to hear from you. Take care
    Dave, enjoy every moment in BC.


  2. Speedobob says:

    Dear Dave,

    Glad you arrived in Canada OK. Great you got lucky with Tom the other night.
    Dont worry too much about the kissing. I probably would have kissed Tom
    too. You can never tell how they will react sometimes. Cant wait to get the
    new white speedos. HOT speedos that look, fit and most importantly

    Love the pics as always, Take care Dave, ROB, Adelaide

  3. Big Jay says:

    Hey Dave – Glad to hear you are now close to me!! I hope to hear of some great times
    with you and Will and find some hott roomies!!

  4. sue says:

    Hope you got all your new roomies to agree to wear speedos all the time in the condo! lol

  5. sharkers says:

    Bloody jealous mate,

    Did the last couple of seasons in france as a chalet host, and am not able to head out this year – settling down to the real world, sadly!!

    Hope you have an awesome time out again, and keep us in the loop!!!

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