Is my Gaydar finally working – Jules Lund look alike

Jules LundI have been meaning to write about this over the weekend but some incredible hangover and lots of work prevented me from getting my head around it.

Last Friday night – no it was Thursday night – I was on the town with Peter (my landlord) and his best mate.  They are older guys and we moved from one pool table to the other – they are both pretty good. 

We stopped off at this bar that I think is an oldies haunt – it has great music and stuff but the crowd is normally full of mid to late 30’s women dancing on the tables.  It is good fun with a group of people and Peter’s mate hadn’t been there so we dropped in.  The place was pretty quiet – there were 4 women dancing true to form but there was this cute, tall blonde guy who was dancing.  I thought of how I could slip him my fone number without Peter or his mate seeing but we got out of there before I had the chance. 

After there we found another pool table which had a much better crew. We ended up leaving there at around 4am – Peter and his mate held the pool table for like 3 hrs (winner stays on).  Then we decided to grab some Ferg Burger (its a local burger joint that stays open super late – I’ve never eater a Ferg Burger before 3am).  I was pretty drunk by then and while I was sitting talking to some random people these 3 guys walked up who were obviously gay (they were well dressed and well mannered despite being drunk – hahaha – I’m being sterotypical I know).

Lund, Jules.  Jules LundAs they walked up I caught the eye of the single guy (the two other guys were obviously a couple) – I don’t know what colour eyes he had but we did have a moment.

So the three of us str8 guys (Peter doesn’t know I’m gay/bi) were hanging out with these three gay guys from Australia.  Peter and his mate were giving me a hard time for being an Aussie as well and it was all good fun at around 4am.

It must have been the next day and I was thinking – the cute blonde guy reminded me of someone.  Then it came to me – he looked like that guy from Getaway, Jules Lund.  Jules Lund is this cute blonde guy on this travel show in Australia (I think they put it on TV in New Zealand).  I don’t think it was him but if it was then I am the president of the Jules Lund fan club as of NOW.

Well that was it – I saw 4 gay guys in Queenstown in one night – I think that is more than I have seen all winter.  I’m excited and hopefully there will be more next time I’m out on the town.

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2 comments on “Is my Gaydar finally working – Jules Lund look alike
  1. Todd says:

    Sorry dude… I’m already the president of his fan club!! 7:30pm on Prime TV in NZ… my weekly fix 🙂

  2. Dave Evans says:


    Perhaps we can share the title – I’m more than happy to share Jules.

    Do you know if he is gay?


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