Last Shop for the Season

Friday April 15th 2005
I’m finally home and unpacked!!!!!

Final shopping day for the season today and I didn’t really have to get much (came to a whole CA$68.50). Went to the second hand bookshop and bought three books for the travels – some Tom Clancy book (searching now for it so I can tell you the title – ow there it is – it is called Sea of Fire). The other two books are a Stephen King – The Long Walk and the final one is a – ow fuck I can’t remember the guys name – he is the English dude. He is a Lord. I remember reading (on the cover that he was the youngest ever in the house of Commons – sorry – I love law subjects at uni). There it is – Jeffery Archer (I’m pretty sure it is with a J not a G). I can’t remember the title of that one but I think it will be the first one I read once I jump on the plane.

While I was in town – now I suppose I do have to quantify town don’t I. Our ski town is a ski resort which is about 22kms – I dunno it is probably about 15 miles for those of you still in the dark ages (sorry – no offence intended). Because I don’t have a car – I could have bought one but the expense didn’t warrant the reward – a trip to town is a day long exercise and very much to be appreciated. For example – a 2ltr bottle of Coke-a-Cola (I had to write the entire thing because just Coke on its own might have been misinterpreted) costs about CA$1.02 at the ‘Real Canadian Superstore; but up in the resort the exact same bottle of Coke-a-Cola will cost you over CA$2.20. And since I’m a tight arse – and a volunteer I tell you – I’ll drink my Scotch with water before paying double for Coke (I’m sure you all get the picture now that I’m not into the ‘other’ kind of coke}.

Now where I was originally going with this story was that while in town I bought the wireless keyboard and mouse that I had been thinking about for weeks. The one I wanted (the cheaper one) was not in stock so I had to get the one that was CA$20 more expensive but the keyboard is split in two which I assume is why I’ve paid the extra CA$20. I’m sure you will also notice that I’ve made no spelling mistakes today so far – that is because I’m typing at half the speed.

If you have ever tried one of these bloody keyboards please let me know if it gets easier.

OK guys – I’m outta here. The weekend is here – I’m pissed on Scotch but unfortunately I’m just here with my new keyboard so I think I’m going to surf for some guys in speedos and hit the hay – and maybe spank the monkey. Hehehe – man I can’t believe I just wrote that.

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