Off the Grid

I can’t believe it was last Thursday that I posted.  That has to be a new record of slackness on my part.

I have a couple of excuses though:

  1. Last weekend was HUGE.  My liver still hurts.  The Denver Boys came up for the weekend and we hit the Keystone Bacon Festival both Saturday and Sunday.  This chick band that does covers of ACDC (I think they are called Hells Bells) were playing which was awesome.
  2. With the Denver Boys in town you can only imagine that Kip and I didn’t get too much sleep.
  3. By Monday afternoon, just when I should be recovering, I started coming down with a cold and by Tuesday morning I was again all but useless except for a different reason now.

OK – those excuses are lame for not posting but that is what has been happening.

This weekend Kip and I are thinking of going on a road/camping trip.  Not exactly sure where but I’ll keep you guys posted – we might check out Grindr or even Craigslist to see if we might be able to hook up with some guys….. you never know – hehehe.

As a result I’m up super duper early today, writing this and catching up.  I’m feeling better from my cold, not quite 100% but I should be right by the weekend.

I’ve got a bunch of my white DE Swimwear to post to new members of which will go out today so keep an eye on the letter box early next week guys.

Black Speedo

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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4 comments on “Off the Grid
  1. Kevin says:

    Dave, that picture looks like it belongs to my friend who runs I know he works really hard on that blog and as a fellow blogger you should understand. If you’re going to use it you really should have asked permission and left the watermark….

  2. Dave Evans says:


    Thanks for letting me know mate.

    I don’t use tumbler and didn’t get the photo from his tumbler blog (I hate how tumbler shuts down blogs whenever they like).

    If you know how to contact your aquo-studio friend please send me his email and I’ll touch base with him. I’d love to use some of his pics.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Dave – its me – Peter – Aquo-studio is the new name of speedomio
    where was the photo posted with out the watermark?

  4. Dave Evans says:

    Hey Peter,

    I’ve had those pics for a while and not sure where I found them without the watermark – maybe one of the blogs on my blog roll.

    Shoot me an email ( – I’d love to discuss perhaps buying some of your content.


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