Oral Friendly

I’m very much oral friendly.  Girls or guys, I love sucking cock and eating pussy.  I don’t know what it is, my first sexual experiences involved oral sex so maybe it started there.

I think I can honestly say I prefer oral over penetration and I feel as though it is more personal, slamming a guy who is on his knees isn’t very personal I suppose.

Saying that, I’ve received some pretty average head during my time, again both guys and girls.  I think the secret is to use your hands.  A girlfriend that I had years ago was probably the best cock sucker I’ve ever had and maybe it was because we were together for a little while and we were both very open with what we liked.  Her technique was her right hand stroking, obviously her mouth working away on the head of my cock and her left hand was rubbing my balls and occasionally a finger or two playing with my arsehole.  Ow my God the orgasms I’d have from that technique were mind blowing!!!!

Darn, I’m hard as a rock just thinking about it.  I think I’ll have Kip read that paragraph and give him some real life practice…..

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3 comments on “Oral Friendly
  1. beerdoc_colorado says:

    don’t have any experience with Vags. But plenty with guys.. You are correct it is more than just mouth. use your hands on shaft, balls, ass, chest. Slow down and make it
    last, build it up. Then Kapow! for a mind blowing experience. Any of those guys in the pictures above would have trouble fitting into the Arena suit.

  2. Deepkisser says:

    I think most of us experience oral first, before any penetration. But both can be quite personal. Oral is easier to make happen since a bed is not required.

    The middle guy in the last photo is enjoying himself, as well as his 2 buddies.

  3. cr says:

    Thanks Dave, now I know I am not alone with my love of oral sex!

    My favorite position is in a lust filled 69 with a guy (preferred) or gal. Interesting that you had the best head from a gal because I have found the best at oral are guys which is why I prefer guys in this position. My experience is that I have found most guys give like they receive, with both hands and mouth as you described and women don’t get it (when you can find a women willing to suck on your pee pee)….she had a good teacher!

    I am jealous of the guys on the bed in the first pic, never been fortunate to have more then one guy at at time. The third pic, with the multiple offerings makes me fantasize with images of multiple cocks being feed to me as these two lucky guys!

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