Speedo Eye Candy

My last weekend in Colorado and last night turned out like so many wonderful nights that I’ve had here.

Kip and I hit the town and with the help of a late night Grindr pickup (no gay bars up here and not many guys are ‘out’ publicly) we ended up having a speedo threesome back at Kip’s place.

A cute 21yo guy who is out here on vacation and as usual, Kip’s arse got a pounding from both of us.

What was odd about the night was how well behaved I was.  I woke up feeling great this morning but I don’t think Kip’s head (or arse) is going to up for doing much today – hahaha.

I might go out and pick up some greasy food for him once I finish this blog post.

In the spirit of making people feel good (or just better) here are some speedo guys who make me feel much better…..

Print SpeedosBeautiful Speedo CoupleHot Blonde wearing SpeedosTropic Speedos

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One comment on “Speedo Eye Candy
  1. Ste says:

    Can’t argue – if I was a 20-something and in Colorado, I think I’d want to be there with you and Kip. Oh to be 20 years younger!

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