8 year anniversary

It has been super busy the last week or so with some friends of Kip’s in the house.  Nothing naughty yet but I think tonight things might get a little naughty with Kip’s sister coming over with some of her girlfriends.

Since I don’t really have anything to post I thought I’d have a look at what I posted on this date in the past and then I realised that it is coming up to the 8 year anniversary of me starting this blog.

It all started with a threesome in a steamroom at an end of winter party.  I had nobody to share the experience with and a friend of mine (Mel) was blogging and I asked her what software she used and that is how it all started.

It was May 9th at 7:53pm that my first post was published and nearly 8 years later there have been 1,803 posts and 5,793 comments (yeah I know I have to figure out the darn comments on here as they haven’t been working for a few weeks).

I’ll have to do something special for the anniversary.


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