Alex met a boy

Alex has met a boy….

….they fooled around for the first time last night and I think Alex is in love.

I think it is awesome.  This is the first guy that Alex has picked up on his own, all his other experiences have been with me or group fuck sessions with guys that I’ve lined up.

I want to tell you guys more about Alex’s boy.  I’m going to be discrete as Alex wants to play it cool as well as not having this guy read all about Alex’s introduction to his gay activities being known to this guy just yet.  This is kind of the reason I create the blog membership – to be able to write about things I want to share but at the same time keep a little bit more private.

If you are a blog member, drop into the members blog so you can read more.

What I can tell you is that he is a triathlete, Alex is training for a triathlon which is how they met, and the new boy looks fantastic in speedos.

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Dr. Phil

If he looks the least bit like any of these guys, then Alex is one lucky bum! 😉

I’d go with #2 myself. #3’s suit is of a similar color (but not the same pattern) to one I just got by Modus Vivendi, which has some good stuff…but I prefer their underwear to their swimwear, personally, and some of their others clothes are cool, too.

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