Awesome Gay AussieBum Movie

I was pretty horny yesterday afternoon so I was surfing around and checking out

This site is run by an 18yo London guy Craig who I’ve helped out when he had some problems with some html code on his site.

Go to – and scroll down the page and you’ll see a free movie download (its 6 short clips) of 3 guys (2 wearing blue speedos and 1 wearing red speedos).

Here are some screen shots…..

Gay AussieBumAussiebum Gay Blowjob Movie

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Hi Dave,

I looked at those movies this afternoon.
You have excellent taste.I did enjoy them.
C’mon guys say thanks to dave for what he does for us.
Thanks Dave.

All the best



Great find Dave. Thank you.


I use to watch this video quite a bit, but now is gone so i cant get the free access to this one clip which is all i wanted..

If anyone can link me it from a free website please msg me on


Yea joined up to the website Swimmerboyz hoping to find it, and its not there. Someone has to know where I can get it.

Check out