Blue Speedos

Holy moly did town get busy quick!!!

Kip and I went boarding this morning but barely lasted an hour before it got too busy.  There is more snow on the way though and I think we’ll ski first thing on Xmas morning which I still find pretty kewl, considering growing up I’d spend Xmas day on the beach in 35C heat.

Hopefully it will be a quiet week for us and then the weekend after things will start to get crazy again – happy crazy of course.

Some blue speedo eye candy for you guys to enjoy.

Light Blue Speedo
Cute Boy in a Cute Blue Speedo
Man in Blue Speedo

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I love your drunken posts and I am a big fan of yours.

I saw the one from yesterday about facestalking but couldnt find it anymore. I hope you did not get in a lot of trouble for it.

Happy Holidays and have a great time these days.
May 2013 be a year with many more accomplishments and more adventures.

Dave Evans


Thanks for being a fan of my drunken posts – someone told me that my pevious post was a little close to home so I deleted it.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and I wish you the best in 2013 Austin.


Dr. Phil

Ah, blue…a perennial favorite.

I think I like gentleman #1, but speedo #3 (which is a Speedo-brand speedo, if I’m not mistaken…).

Dave Evans

Dr. Phil,

That is a speedo brand speedo? Really – wow that is awesome. I’ve never seen one like that but I’ll assume you are right.

If anyone knows where I can buy one please let me know.


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