Butch – you out there?

I’m starting to think about heading back to Aussie, maybe March/April?  That way I’ll get a little bit of warm weather and over the weekend I was talking to some old friends in Sydney and on the Central Coast.

One guy that I’ll try to get a hold of is a guy called Butch.  His real name is different.  Funny thing about Butch is that we met years ago through a group of friends.  I wasn’t out to them in any way and after knowing Butch socially for over a year I finally discovered he was gay.

He is a str8 acting good looking tall masculine guy and he was one of the first friends I told about this blog.

Funny thing is, it was Butch who introduced me to Grindr and was a huge fan of it.

Butch, if you are reading this touch base mate.

Butch from Sydney

3 Users Responded in " Butch – you out there? "

Dr. Phil said,  

Do more than just touch bases with Dave, Butch! 😉

Darren said,  

Not a very exciting pic Dave, certainly did not get any stirring in my G-string!!

Luis Rosales said,  

I prefer a suit how wearing the boy in the picture…but with the word ” G A Y “…

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