In my fivesome last week I met 2 Aussie guys.  Here is how I described them in the full story:

  • The two Aussie guys are both 22yo from Wollongong (which is on the coast south of Sydney).  The guys are boyfriends who just finished uni/college and are taking a year off to travel before joining the rat race.  Both guys are still clubbies, members of a surf life saving club which explains their speedo tans.  They are working in a ski rental shop in town.  Kip met them on Grindr just after they arrived in Breckenridge back in November and they have been having some hottub/speedo fun with each other since then.

Random Speedo Pic

Growing up I was a member of a surf life saving club and wearing speedos was just commonplace, I don’t think anyone wore boardies.  The two Aussie’s are comfortable wearing their speedos as well and I’m going to try and convince them to come to the local pool here in Breckenridge and have the three of us speedo it up.  I’d love to see if we get any reaction since I have never seen anyone wearing speedos at that pool.

Tonight the Aussie’s are coming over for a hottub after dinner….. can you guess what is going to happen?

Here are some more ‘clubbies’ for you guys to feast your eyes on.

ClubbiesNorthcliffe Surf Club SpeedoClubby's

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