Smokin’ Hot College Speedo Guy

I had intended on posting something more today but I’ve been working since I got up and the Bronco’s game is about to start so Kip and I are heading down to the Gold Pan to watch it – should be a great crowd and I’m finally starting to understand this Gridiron stuff.

Anyone else think it is funny that I grew up with the Brisbane Broncos and now I’m following the Denver Broncos?

I couldn’t just leave you guys without some speedo eye candy either so here is a pic that I really love.  Super hot, college guy wearing his speedos perfectly!!!

Cute Team Mate

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4 Comments on "Smokin’ Hot College Speedo Guy"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


I would love to work out next to this guy, it looks as if he has an erection ready for me to work out on him.


Turn around … turn around … little more … BING! Somebody’s got a chub!

Sam Speedo

Didn’t realise those Harvard guys were so hot! He fills that speedo perfectly! I’m thinking he’s a bit hard too . . . he’s between races, cold water gives way to warmer bench, gives way to blood flow down below . . . and you all know the rest! Happens to me everytime I’m warming up after a swimming session in my tight speedos too. . .


The gym where I work out sometimes has a pool and guys often swim and then work out wearing their speedos, I regularly get a semi hard on looking at some of the guys especially when some speedos are really brief,and I am not the only one. Nothing has happened yet but I live in hopes.

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