Guess who got their asian wings?

Guess who go their asian wings last night?

His name starts with Dave and ends with Evans – that is right – THIS GUY!!!

Kip and I had a pretty lazy day yesterday, we grilled up some dinner, had a few beers and were contemplating going out.  It is the busiest I’ve seen town since the ski season finished.

While we were sitting around on the deck I pulled out my phone and checked Grindr – with town being busy Grindr had a lot of guys on it from out of town and some real cuties.  I changed my status to say where Kip and I would be and that I’d be wearing a red polo shirt.

We had a few more drinks and Kip and I walked the 2 blocks into town to one of our regular drinking haunts.

As usual Kip ran into some people he knows from town and I was at the bar and this cute Asian guy asks me if I am Dave Evans!!!

Hell yeah I’m Dave Evans.

Adam the Asian (he made me reassure him that I wouldn’t post his name on here so I thought Adam being the first is appropriate – I think it is funny/clever) told me he hadn’t read my blog before but did after seeing my grindr profile.  He loved it and loves speedos although he admitted to owning only one pair.  I reassured him that I have a few spare and I was wearing some right now.

With that things quickly developed and maybe within half an hour of our introduction we were back at Kips place and making out on the couch.  Adam the Asian loved feeling my speedos and my cock was straining against the lycra of my black Arena speedos.

Adam the Asian slipped off the couch and was licking and sucking my cock through the lycra and I was just dying to unload.

I had to stop and I told Adam the Asian that he had too many clothes on.  I stood him up and stripped him naked.  He took of my shirt but my speedos remained on.  I sat him back down on the couch and I took his cock in my mouth.

By now I was pretty hungry for some cock and I worked my first Asian cock!!!

It wasn’t long before Adam the Asian was unloading in my mouth and I sucked him dry!!!

That was the first of four orgasms we’d have between us over about an hour of fucking.

I’ll keep the rest of the story for members of my site but here are some pics of some other hot Asian guys in their speedos (I’m trying to post more photos per post with the new layout).

Adam the Asian is in town until Sunday, he is staying with some family friends but I’ve got a feeling we might catch up again.  I’m sure you are reading this Adam the Asian and I’m more than comfortable saying that gaining my Asian Wings was AWESOME!!!!!

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6 Users Responded in " Guess who got their asian wings? "

beerdoc_colorado said,  

i have a athletic sexy asian stud that i have been hooking with for about 8 years. we get together about once a month. since viewing great asian speedo pix here, i suggested to him that he would look great in a speedo. i told him i would luv to see him walking down a florida beach, in a speedo, with me following behind and watching people’s reaction. i m sure Adam the asian is just as much fun as my friend, and just as sexy.

Donald May said,  

I’ve always been and admirer of guys in speedos and Adam the Asian certainly hits the ball out of the park in his. I’ve always worn speedo type of swimsuits until recently. I’m about to hit the 80 mark and everything has gone south like a stampede. I live in Sun City and still look better than most of the men so I keep wearing my speedo. I’m a lap swimmer and the more skimpy my swimsuit the faster I swim. Have a great time with your Asian guy and walk side by side holding hands…makes the other guys jealous. Oh to be young again..sigh.

Dr. Phil said,  

Congratulations, Dave! What an achievement! 😉

Sam said,  

Yah . . .asian guys are awesome! Asian guys in speedos look so hot!

Hooked up with and topped a hot Asian guy in Sydney b4 heading across the Pacific to Nth America last week!


cr said,  

Lucky guy Dave (and Sam), an achievement I am only dreaming of, and one hot description, love it!

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