Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope your Valentine was speedo clad and horny.

I’ve been in the US before for Valentine’s Day but this year is maybe the first time I’ve noticed just how sappy everyone is.  I’ve had to stop looking at my Facebook because it is all just too much – if you want to wish your wife of 16 years a Happy Valentine’s Day, maybe call her or send her a letter, don’t post it on Facebook please.

Not to put a downer on things, I called the Texan Brunette this morning to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day and since she will be up here tomorrow night, I’ll give her the Victoria Secret bikini that I ordered for her last week.  I look forward to her trying it on in front of me of course.

But before I did that, I woke Kip up with a cum sucking blowjob which from his moans sounded like he REALLY appreciated it.  He told me that he would be my guy-Valentine.

Have fun guys and I’d love to hear of anything naughty that you got up to today……

Bike Shorts BlowjobBlowjobCock

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