I can see your penis

Last night I went to bed and it was a little overcast but nothing too bad…. this morning I woke up and there is nearly 6″ of snow on the ground!!!

Kip and I are just about to walk out the door to go snowboarding before the weekend warriors get at it.  I know a lot of the east coast is snowed in as well so I thought I should leave you guys some VPL eye candy.

VPL: Visible Penis Line

Speedo CockVisible PenisSpeedo SwimVPL - Visible Penis Line

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VPL, perfectly natural, if it is seen, all the better. Men have them, just like the nose on their face. It is no surprise. It is in clothing. We look for nipples on women. It is part of the body just like a chest or a leg. Some are just nicer than others.


Nothing wrong with VPL, I often wear a pair of white speedos, unlined and there is certainly VPL when I get out of the water. If your cock is completely shaved and there is not a dark patch of hair showing through then it looks great, and feels great too.

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