Lamest New Years Ever

2014 has now started for everyone.  It is weird getting drunken facebook messages and emails on New Years Eve of friends back home partying it up a day early.  I hope everyone had a Happy New Years and your looking forward to a big 2014.

I’m definitely looking forward to the new year.  I want to work harder, make more money, workout more, get fitter, maybe even have a ‘serious’ relationship in there.  Wait a minute, those are things that I always want so not really a new years resolution of such.

As for my New Years evening, holy moly was it pathetic.  Kip and I had a huge day snowboarding yesterday and ran into some folks for some apres skiing (European for ‘drinking after skiing’).  We didn’t get back to the house until about 6pm both cold, wet and exhausted.  So we poured a drink and got into the hottub.  By the time we got out of the hottub, showered it was nearly 8pm and we were starving.  I cooked up some fettuccine carbonara (pasta with bacon and chicken in a cream sauce).  By the time we had finished dinner it was 10pm.

So instead of getting on the sauce (Aussie for alcohol), Kip and I put on a movie and both of us fell asleep before it finished.

Are we a pair of 95yo’s or what?

We both made it to bed during the night and now I’m up at 6am on New Years Day…. a first for me since I turned 18, although I’ve still been awake at 6am MOST New Years Day’s since I turned 18.

Goes to show, the life of Dave Evans isn’t all partying and penis.

I wish you guys a happy and successful 2014.

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4 Users Responded in " Lamest New Years Ever "

Pete25 said,  

And a happy and great 2014 to you as well.

Ste said,  

Happy New Year, Dave and Kip. Hope it brings all that you’re both wishing for.

beerdoc_colorado said,  

Apres Ski is quickly becoming my favorite part of skiing, as I get relegated to non-mogul slopes.

Dave Evans said,  

Beer Doc,

That is a shame no moguls mate, things are pretty slick after an hour or so with all the traffic on them this week.

Kip and I got over to Beaver Creek today, snow off piste was good but got icy on the groomers pretty quick.


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