Recognized at the Pool

My 3 stripe ADIDAS speedos helped me get recognized at the pool yesterday which was pretty cool.

I had finished my swim and was getting dressed and had my speedos on top of my towel and this guy asked if my name was Dave.

You guys know I’m reasonably discrete, considering I’m not ‘out’ to all my family and friends so it doesn’t happen every day that someone recognizes me but it has happened a few times over the years.

The guy was a little older than me but pretty hot.  I didn’t notice him at the pool so maybe he was just using the gym or other facilities.  If you are reading this mate, drop me an email and maybe we can have a warm down hottub style.

Pool BoyADIDAS Brief

I love how in the background of this pic the girl is checking out the speedo guy.

Checking out speedo guy

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that is great. and you didn’t even have the suit on. I hope you were standing there naked. I should drive up to the rec. center just to catch you. The only guy wearing a speedo.

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