Red Speedo Dreaming

Alex had a great idea about the ‘Mr. Red Speedos’ from the pool….. we should both wear red speedos to the pool as well.  At least it might get a conversation going.

So later today we are going to the pool at about the same time, Alex has a pair of red speedo brand speedos and I have a pair of red Arena speedos.  I don’t think Alex has ever worn his red speedos to the pool, his girlfriend bought them as a fancy costume prop.

I’ll let you guys know if Mr. Red Speedo is at the pool.

Andrew Christian Red Speedo SwimwearWhats in your speedo?Fit Guy in Red SpeedoRed Speedo ModelRed Speedo

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4 Comments on "Red Speedo Dreaming"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


i have mentioned before that i m a fan of red speedoes. but i did luv the shiny mirror finish blue speedoes. great for the hot tub. btw pic #1 is my fav.


In can help the second to find something in his red sppeedo and if the third has needed a hand more


The guy in pic 3 is hot, no tan lines there. No 5 looks like a ‘cock up’ guy, showing a some pubic hair as well, he obviously does not shave.


All 5 of these pics are great, just can’t beat a hot guy in a hot pair of red speedos. My favourite is the 3rd pic, wish it was my hand inside those speedos. The guy in the 4th pic looks a lot like my cousin who is a water polo player but also straight (as far as I know).

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