So you wanna hear what Will & I got upto?

Couple of comments and emails from guys wanting to hear what Will and I got upto when he came home the other morning.

Well I can’t give you the entire story – members of ‘my site’ help me pay my bills so I have to help them out and this story is going to be exclusive to them.

But I don’t mind giving you guys a couple of paragraphs of what went on….

"With his aussiebums still on Will was straddling my chest and I very very slowly undid the drawstring. A couple of times Will said that he would do it but I wasn’t going to let him have it that quickly.

"Now my aussiebum portseas have no elastic in the waist so once the drawstring is undone they just flop open. With the drawstring undone – Will’s cock was finally free and stood to attention parallel to my cum covered chest.

"I gripped Will’s cock with my right hand, my left hand was on his right thigh rubbing my cum into it like it was sun lotion. Touching Will’s cock for the first time in nearly a week was awesome – first cock I had touched in a week other than my own for that matter. Will was really really horny and wanted to cum so to slow him down I told him to put his hands on his head. If he took his hands off his head I would not touch his cock for 10 seconds."

This is a rather long story (I have spent 4hrs writing it today – 4hrs and 3 wanks mind you) and if you’d like to read the rest of it pelase support

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that is just awesome.


Hi Dave,
Great story Dave your new speedos are certanily getting the
attention you want from will.
ps I have been swimming and sunbathing at my favournite beach
oriental bay proundly walking around on the beach in my speedos.
HE HE.DAVE like your style



VERY HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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