Speedo Friendly Places

Expedia (the travel website) did a beach survey back in July and speedos were discussed in detail.

Here are some results that I thought were interesting:

  • Only 7% of Aussie’s said they are ‘Speedo Lovers’ but 72% said speedos are acceptable beach attire!!!
  • Nor surprisingly, only 50% of American’s said that speedos were acceptable beach wear.
  • The lowest in the survey was Japan where only 29% said speedos were acceptable – kind of odd since in Onsens you aren’t allowed to wear anything.

Top 5 Countries where speedos were acceptable to wear on the beach:

  1. France – 91%
  2. Italy – 87%
  3. Brazi- 86%
  4. Sweden – 83%
  5. Australia – 72%

My take from this survey, I’m surprised how many Aussie’s thought it acceptable beachwear.  My main group of mates on the Central Coast are all between 20yo and 30yo and we hang out on the beach and play cricket and I can’t imagine any of them wearing a speedo when just hanging out.  At the pool or going for an early morning swim would be fine but I don’t think they are that speedo tolerant just yet.

Last time I was a member at the Gosford pool a majority of guys wore speedos where here in Colorado and even in San Francisco where I was a member of a pool, I’m in the minority when I’m wearing speedos.

Maybe with the soccer World Cup and the Olympics down in Brazil, their love for speedos will spread north into America.

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Dr. Phil

Sadly, I suspect not…the U.S. will never be the same as Brazil in many things, other than perhaps pube-shaving. 😉

I’m surprised that Sweden made the list: sure, they’re liberal and comfortable with bodies and such there, but it’s so cold and dark for most of the year, it seems like there might only be three or four days the whole year to go to the beach at all…!?!


I am not surprised with the result for France; in French public swimming pools, swimming bermudas are strictly forbidden for hygienic reasons, and the swimming pool shops are selling speedos that we call “moule-bite”, that you can translate literary by “molding dick”. However, you are not obliged to buy the smallest ones.

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