Sunday Speedo Brunch

I was up nice and early for a Sunday morning so I snuck out of Kips bed (we have our own rooms but we spend most nights in just one or the other).  We didn’t have a whole lot in the fridge so I ducked down to the super market and picked up some fresh muffins and some crab cakes.

Then I made this.  Eggs Benedict on a toasted muffin, half with crab cake, the other half cheese and bacon.  All covered in a rich hollandaise sauce.  Not that Kip needs an excuse but that will be costing him a blowjob later today.

Nothing really planned for the day so we’ll see how the weather is – maybe a hike up to the Mohawk Lakes and see how much snow is up there.  Gotta earn the hottub guys.

Speedo Breakfast

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