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Day Hiking (and other things)….

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Quick blog post before I walk out the door.

I’m off for a hike along a secluded part of the Queensland Coast.  I’ve done a little research and there is a natural swimming hole that is my target/goal for the day.

Yes, I have company, which I will tell you guys about when I get home later tonight.  My company looks a bit like this speedo Daddy…..

Gay Beach Daddy

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November 17th, 2022

Someone Forgot Their Speedo

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Happy Hump Day everyone.

The weather has finally gotten nice here, I joke that summer has arrived (in April).  Today I’m off hiking with some friends, two girls and a guy (hey, that is the threesome combination I haven’t had yet – hehe).  After our hike we will be stopping at this beautiful swimming hole I know of.

These are old friends and I will be speedo’ing it up….. what are the odds that the other guy will speedo it up?

Speedo Group of Guys

April 6th, 2022

Down by the Billabong

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This is part of the members only part of the site guys.  If you are a member click here to login, if you aren’t a member, c’mon, it is only $5. Click here to join now.

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May 23rd, 2021

Going Waterfall Hunting

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I noticed the other day that I haven’t been writing as much personal stuff on this blog as usual which is kinda why I have it.  It is a little bit of a diary I suppose and when I go back and read stuff from years ago it reminds me of what I was up to and how I was feeling.

There has been a lot of speedo porn for you guys though which is a good thing too.

It has been a crazy/busy month and a bit for me.

  • PayPal cancelled my account which sucks because a lot of you guys liked the piece of mind joining with PayPal.
  • Datacenter fire took down the servers for 4 days which is the longest (by far) that things have ever been offline.
  • VISA introduced new processing fees which cost me US$1500 and I had 2 days notice to just pay it or close the account.

Usually I love this little business but when I have a tough month it really sucks.  Financially of course I’m the last one to get paid always and even last month when I didn’t pay myself a cent I still work at least 50 hours a week.

Makes me think of just winding the sites down and doing normal IT/web work.

I’m sure it will pass because you guys are awesome and I love chatting with my members/fans.  If I have been a little short tempered to snarky, just understand I’ve had a tough month.

Weather looks good tomorrow and since I haven’t really left my neighbourhood for a few weeks so I am going to get up early, get some work done, then get in the car and go and find some waterfalls.  Anyone want to join me?

May 20th, 2021

Average Speedo Guy

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The beautiful weather continues and today Kip and I headed south and went for a hike this morning.  It was nice and we both got a little colour despite putting sun tan lotion on a couple of times.

Since getting back from our hike we’ve been working away and I have a couple of days with a bunch of work that I would like to get finished – one ‘chore’ is a new full length DVD which takes about 4 hours for me to do which I’ll try tomorrow morning first thing.

Anyway I wanted to share some speedo eye candy with you guys.  This guy is cute, his speedo is perfect and I’d love to know where that beach is.

Is today the first day of summer?

Speedo BeachBeach SpeedoSpeedo Eye CandySpeedo FriendlyBeach

June 19th, 2013

Sunday Speedo Brunch

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I was up nice and early for a Sunday morning so I snuck out of Kips bed (we have our own rooms but we spend most nights in just one or the other).  We didn’t have a whole lot in the fridge so I ducked down to the super market and picked up some fresh muffins and some crab cakes.

Then I made this.  Eggs Benedict on a toasted muffin, half with crab cake, the other half cheese and bacon.  All covered in a rich hollandaise sauce.  Not that Kip needs an excuse but that will be costing him a blowjob later today.

Nothing really planned for the day so we’ll see how the weather is – maybe a hike up to the Mohawk Lakes and see how much snow is up there.  Gotta earn the hottub guys.

Speedo Breakfast

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May 19th, 2013
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