Wearing a thong gets Kip a pounding

I just had to share this with you guys.  It is Monday and I love Monday’s.  After a bit of a nothing weekend full of rain on Sunday and nothing much else I got up early this morning to see some white stuff on the ground.  Another miserable day outside but after working for a few hours I decided to go for a walk and I got to wear my winter coat for the first time.

When I got home I walked in the door and Kip is standing in the kitchen wearing nothing but a black thong (pretty much exactly the same as the one the guy is wearing in the pics below).

I don’t know what it was but that was all it took.  I pretty much threw him down on the couch, keeping the thong on him, I pull it aside on the arse side and fucked his brains out.

I last a whole 10 strokes – whooohoooo!!!  Hahaha.

What is it about the sexuality of a thong/G-string/g-banger?  Speedos definitely turn me on but a thong is just a little more sexual.  Even when I see a girl bend over and show a little bit of thong I automatically think she is a little naughtier….  I’ll post some pics of girls in thongs for those of you who are interested over at BisexualDave.com.

G-BangerG-StringBlack ThongG-StringMan in ThongThong Man

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5 Comments on "Wearing a thong gets Kip a pounding"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


A thong/g-string in the ass is nothing more then an invitation for something else to join the string in there. To me, it’s like an arrow pointing to the spot of sexual bliss, on a women or a man!


A thong helps to say…”Here is my ass…I’m willing to share it!”


I’m sure you provided Kip with the exact reaction he wanted.

Dr. Phil

I agree: anyone wearing a thong is comfortable enough in themselves, and daring enough, to be a bit more interesting in every sense, I suspect. I don’t know if most people get their thongs from online retailers, but if they don’t, then they’re pretty secure in themselves to be able to buy them face-to-face in a store. (I don’t think someone can buy underwear or swimwear at a store and not have the clerk wondering what one looks like in it…and it can be fun to subject uptight straight guys to that image of oneself in some cases, in my experience…but that’s another story!) But yes…and, butt, YES! 😉

Luis Rosales

The boy is hot, his thong (black) is interesting… but can wearing a thong with more agressive
back how KOALASWIM or Dore swimwear… i wear this kind of suits because are more gays..

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