Will’s Speedo Covered Butt

Then came the biggest surprise of the night, Will got out of the hot tub just as I was bending down to pick up my drink he started undoing the drawstring to his boardies.

It was time for me to be dumb struck with silence – which was a very cold silence as I was wearing nothing but my black AussieBums at nearly 1am, outside, in a Canadian ski town in early February. But I just stood there wondering what Will was going to do.

Then he spoke… “I much prefer being in speedos too Dave but I’ve never been game with anyone from the house.”

The ice was broken – which was fast forming around my now freezing feet. I slowly got into the hot tub and I enjoyed the show as Will, with his back to me, removed his boardies and bent over giving me a birds eye view of his amazingly hot arse as his ankle got caught on the leg of his boardies.

19yo gay guy's butt.

I was just lowering myself into the hot tub as Will turned and got in – he was a little more than semi hard still and my semi hard state was changing by the second as I had finally gotten my 19yo room mate down to nothing but his speedos. And this is just the beginning…..

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ten and cut

bravo bravo, more more more!

This is what all us speedo lovers have been waiting for, but give us more detail, how doyou know he was semi hard, was his cock pointing down to the left right, can you see if he is cut, is he shaven.

Keep it going you speedo stud!


Fess up Dave you’ve been sharing a room with Will in the Condo and you’ve never seen him naked or in his undies?You got to have sneaked a peak at some time. Do you share the same bathroom? My room mate and I constantly see each other naked in our apartment especially in the mornings when we’re both getting ready for class. Tell us Speedoguy! Jeff@Indiana

Big Jay

I agree with Ten and cut, more detail about how his semi looked. I love it when you keep us hangin it just tears me apart but turns me on also!


Can’t wait to hear more. Hope it ends up like it did with Dean!
Looking forward to the next part.


Hi Dave,

What a story keep it coming dave.counld you tell us more what is will body like and how his speedos fitted him.
All the best
ps you are a hungry speedo stud dave.This time i am really go to the gym and swimming.Will be thinking about though.


Dave keep it up opps! You know what I mean keep it coming. I will love to see him in his speedo’s right here & now!! Keep it coming lots of us will love to see more & hear more of these hot young guys in their tight speedo’s.


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