Yellow Speedos

I have never owned a pair of yellow speedos. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pair of yellow speedos on a guy in the flesh.  I’m not really a fan.

Until I saw these pics.  Yummy!!!!

Does anyone know who makes these?

I really like how the drawstring is on the outside – what do you guys think?  Would you like that on my DE Swimwear or do you prefer the drawstring on the inside?

Yellow SpeedosYellow SpeedoCute Bum in Yellow Speedo

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


They are Marcuse

Dr. Phil

I am pretty sure I have at least one or two…I love yellow as an accent color (especially with blue), but not as a main color. I have several blue-and yellows, but probably only 1-3 yellow only, or mainly yellow.

Did you not even like the yellow Speedo Solars?


I have a yellow pair and they are great as they are unlined, so when wet they are semi see thru. I like the drawstring of these on the outside, easier for me to get them of him!


I love the seam in the back…all suits should be built to accent ones buns…

Does the tie on the outside distract from the bulge?

A benefit of strings on the inside is that I can loop them through a cockring to keep my cock up and the suit super low…


They are by Marcuse. Their suits are very good/well made but you might need to cut out the lining to be comfortable if they are still using the non-stretchy lining material. I have asked them to improve this aspect and they are considering it – I found them slightly uncomfortable even though I am average in the front department.

For a good bright Yellow suit, Dave you could try the Cocksox drawstring swimsuit (get the snug fit pouch, not original pouch – which is still enough for most guys). You once admired a picture of me in the dark blue version of this.

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