Wanna see a nice beach?

Today the couples got up around midday. After a late lunch we piled into the van and headed south for an hour to these Mayan ruins. The ruins weren’t that amazing but the beach they were on was one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

To start there is a reef about 100m off the coast so the water has little to no swell. The sand is really nice and not rocky (in Australian I grew up on beaches that had no rocks on them at all so anything slightly rocky rules it out of being a ‘perfect’ beach for me). And to top it all off – there are cliffs all along the beach about 20m high. Some of these cliffs dropped right into the calm water and other parts of the cliffs left maybe 30m of beach. It was an amazing spot.

There were tones of people there though and it was about 4pm by the time we go to this part so we didn’t go for a swim. But if I win lotto or any sugar daddy adopts me then this is the kind of beach I’m going to buy.

Here are some pics of the beach – this is the actual beach.

Mayan Ruins at Tulum

We had a few drinks at the bar before heading home and although it is was hot – there was a nice breeze.

In the car on the way home, after 3 margaritas, Sascha and Tiffany brought up the subject of my speedos. I put the pressure back on them saying why weren’t they common. The girls backed off saying they thought they were great and wish more guys did wear them. The conversation finished with a victory for speedos and lots of encouragement for me to wear them around the pool.

When we got home the couples hit the pool but I was keen to see our beach (about 3 minutes walk). I felt bad that it was more than 24hrs after landing and I hadn’t seen the beach closest to us.

The beach was OK (a little bit rocky) and I had a swim in my speedos – there wasn’t too many people around so I couldn’t pick up on the speedo scene there.

And that is where the day has lead me to right now. I’ve just walked in the door from my walk and I’m about to have a shower, some dinner, do some work and then go to bed nice and early.

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2 comments on “Wanna see a nice beach?
  1. adam says:

    Hi Dave,
    The beach looks great,and enjoy yourself in your speedos.
    Take care

  2. Dean says:

    for a man !

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