Acceptable Speedos

Kip came along for our Sunday morning surf with the boys again this morning.  I think I’ve mentioned that Kip isn’t as much of a water baby as I am and isn’t as comfortable in the ocean.  He puts on a brave face though.  We were up early and about to get ready and put on our wetsuits (one of the boys loaned Kip a wetsuit which fits him perfect) and Kip was wearing a funky pair of Turbo speedos.

When I reminded him that after a surf we will all gather back here and shower off outside and strip off our wetsuits and his ‘flowery’ pair of speedos might not be acceptable he completely agreed.

Isn’t it funny – all of the guys were wearing speedos under their wetsuits and came back and stripped them off under my outdoor shower.  Most of the guys went home with just a towel around their waist but these guys would never wear speedos to the beach or in a public setting.

Kip did change into a pair of navy speedos and everything went off without a hitch.

And Kip didn’t drown or get eaten by sharks which are both fears of his when he comes surfing with us.

Any disagreements with my acceptability or unacceptability choices below?


Smooth Body in Navy Speedos


Speedos are Gay


Navy Speedos

These speedos might be acceptable but probably not with the matching swim cap.

Speedos are a bit weird

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Spear said,  

To me what’s acceptable is personal choice. Some like prints, some don’t. Solids may be more conservative, especially dark colors. Some guys look great in prints. However I have had some prints and loved wearing them and I also have solids in most colors and love wearing them too. I don’t see where it should be acceptable or otherwise when it’s all about personal choice.

Sam Speedo said,  

I’m with you there, Spear!

Don’t have any problem with any of the speedos (or guys) here at all!

Mind you, I’m not that taken my the matching swim cap! Perhaps a bit ‘over the top’ . . .

While I mightn’t choose the flowery pink print being worn here . . . the hot guy filling out the speedo more than compensates!

Spear said,  

Glad someone agrees with me. I’ve had a flower print or two in the past. AT the time, those were popular in some parts of the country. But I still love some of the AB prints I have and wear them often.

Dr. Phil said,  

It would depend on the context, Dave. Some prints might be acceptable under certain circumstances; others, fuck no. Same with certain colors–you wouldn’t wear a white or pink speedo in most public pools, right? You might wear a light blue, though (but, depending on who makes it, it may end up being similar to a white one when wet, if it was light enough).

As for “other matters,” I find Mr. Unacceptable above to be the most acceptable in terms of my preferred physical tastes, followed closely by Mr. Matching Outfit. (Now, if he had matching water socks to go with it, that might be going a bit too far…!?!)

I think it would be funny, though, to turn up at a pool in, say, a plaid blazer and matching plaid trousers, to then take off one’s clothes and already be wearing a matching plaid speedo underneath it all, and just see if a few heads turn at the sight of it. There may be an assignment there in your future, Dave! 😉

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