Alex’s First Gay Experience

Hey guys, I see it is a long weekend in the US this weekend.  Here is something for you guys to enjoy over the weekend.  I’ll post some more movies for you as well.

A quick little bit of an introduction: since I’ve moved back to Aussie I’ve been swimming at the Gosford Pool probably 3 times a week on average. WIth my schedule being pretty open I go during the day when the pool is quiet and I don’t think I’ve had to share a lane yet.

Everyone who is swimming laps is wearing speedos or jammers at the most which is awesome (it wasn’t like that in Colorado last winter – I didn’t see a single speedo swimming laps). So a few months back I jumped out of the pool and I saw this gorgeous body wearing black lycra, speedo brand speedos. I enjoyed the speedo eye candy and then when the guy turned around I realised that it was Alex, a guy I’ve met through some friends of mine.

I don’t know Alex that well but I’ve been to parties with him and a couple of times surfing last time I was in town. He has a girlfriend and I’ve never seen him in a speedo, I really didn’t read into anything just because he was swimming laps in a speedo.

That first time we saw each other at the pool was very innocent. Turns out Alex is training for a triathlon and only just getting back in the pool (which explains why he still has a bit of a boardies tan compared to my speedo tan). Alex’s office is near the pool and he is tryin gto swim 3 days a week during his lunch break and we decided to try and catch up and swim together.

This happened a few times and Alex was up to swimming 2kms (about half what he needs for his triathlon) and I’ll admit it was nice just hanging out with a guy in speedos and we were both comfortable.

Then one night I was at the pub with some of the boys and Alex was out as well. He joined our group, his girlfriend was there and some of the other guys girlfriends/wives were out. Everyone was having a fun night and a few drinks (I was well behaved but maybe some people were having a few more than others – hahaha).

Later in the night Alex and I were off to the side and Alex told me that he knows I’m Aussie Speedo Guy….. I’m not out to any of my Central Coast crew and this was like a kick in the guts. Alex must have seen the look on my face and quickly assured me that it was all OK and that it was nobody elses business and he would keep my secret. He also has read enuf of the blog to know that “It is OK Dave, you like girls too.” That was pretty much the extent of the conversation.

I was pretty nervous for a few days wondering if Alex would share my ‘secret’ with my friends but I heard nothing.

It was a few days before I saw Alex at the pool and when I did he was wearing a pair of black classic AussieBums. That was a surprise indeed and he looked fantastic in them. Everything was cool and it really was as if he hadn’t mentioned that I am “Aussie Speedo Guy”. Until we split up in the carpark and Alex said that he wore AussieBum’s because I’d recently posted a bunch of pics of guys wearing AussieBums.

That put some of my fears of him ‘outting’ me to rest but only enhanced the disturbance in my pants.

So that is where things left off, here is what happened next…….

This is a story that I’ve decided to keep for members of the blog.  This stuff takes me hours to write up and I love sharing these things but it is incredibly time consuming.  Joining is only $5….

This happened nearly 18 months ago now.  Since then Alex and I have had a few more pretty insane experiences.  Alex had a ‘sexual bucket list’ which he has worked through – there is one thing that is left on it.

Sometimes I wonder if Alex would have EVER had a gay experience had it not been for him connecting the dots between the Aussie Speedo Guy blog and myself.

And, looking back, it was this experience which lead to Alex’s breakup with his girlfriend a few weeks ago.  Which is what I really want to talk to you guys about.  I’ve gotta fly but there is more to come.

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Anonymous said,  

Darren says: Alex is a lucky guy Dave to have you to help him lose his gay virginity, who better than to slide into him nice and slow to stretch his ass a few times before hammering hard. Then to have your ass for his first gay fuck. I wish I was Alex!

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