Are speedos a gateway to gay?

Here is a question for you guys…. are speedos a gateway to gay?

I personally thing yes.

My first gay experiences all involved speedos and I’m pretty sure if I didn’t have a speedo fetish I wouldn’t have been horny enough to take the one great leap… and put a penis in my mouth.  I’m not saying that everyone who loves speedos is gay or even bisexual, but it is speedos which turns me on to a guy.

Seriously, if I see a guy in dork shorts I won’t think much about it.  But if a guy is wearing speedos, I’m thinking sex.

Hottub in SpeedosSpeedo Hottub

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Dr. Phil said,  

Well, it’s a matter of definitions, I think…

If by “gateway” you mean something that leads one into it: no. I think what leads one into being gay or bi is being attracted to men.

If by “gateway” you mean an easily-identified first target, or something like that, then yes.

I know several 100% straight guys who were on the swim team from the earliest point one could be on it, and being around all of those guys naked and in speedos constantly didn’t change them into being gay or bi at all.

The few likely gay people I knew in high school weren’t on the swim team, they were on the track team…

But, certainly, when I was finding that I couldn’t hide my urges any longer, the first places that I indulged them were looking at guys in speedos. If I could get the International Male catalogs (yes, they used to have print catalogs…when they still existed before being absorbed by Undergear, which itself went under a few years ago, very sadly), I’d get them; if not, I’d be happy with looking at my high school yearbooks and the swim team pages, if not a bit disappointed that the guys on there were not necessarily eligible.

Dave Evans said,  

Dr. Phil,

Would you mind shooting me your email address – I know I have it somewhere but send it to me –


darren said,  

How right you are Dave, a guy in a pair of brief speedos gets me hard pretty quick.

DeepKisser said,  

No I do not believe that wearing speedos makes you gay. The majority of guys on swim teams and water polo teams are straight. Men on the beach with their wives, or men swimming laps at the gym pool are not automatically gay. Women wear small suits to get good tans, and show off their body. Men can do the same to show off the hard work in the gym. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to look at men in Speedos. It is an indication that they are proud of their body, or part of a team.

DeepKisser said,  

Speedos are not a gateway to being gay. However, one nice feature of having your butt and cock outlined in a speedo is it could lead to being naked and having sex. Women like to look at men as much as men like to look at women.

etmsreec said,  

Hey Dave,
Gateway to gay… If you mean they’re going to turn a guy gay then probably not. If he’s curious or out and out gay then he’s probably more likely to wear speedos, as opposed to ugly, baggy shorts or jammers.
A fit guy in a pair of speedos certainly causes my mind to move towards sex or looking at the guy more closely though. What red blooded gay man wouldn’t?

The point about str8 guys wearing speedos – it’s less that way in the UK. Guys are too afraid to risk showing what they’re packing between their legs, and women don’t want blokes in speedos – even though they’re happy to show themselves off in skimpy bikinis. They have their husbands/boyfriends under the thumb, so they’re all in baggy shorts.

So, maybe speedos are a gateway to sex rather than a gateway to gay?

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