Aussie Surfers

Sunday morning here and I just got back from a morning surf with the boys.  It is a little cool so everyone wears wetsuits.  I have an outdoor shower so everyone walks up the beach, peels off their wetsuit down to speedos and showers.

Unfortunately, my surfing mates are all 100% str8.  None of them know about Alex and I of course but it is still hot seeing str8 Aussie surfers showering in my shower wearing only their speedos……

Here is a cute surfer boy I thought I’d share with you guys.  Doesn’t he have a pretty cock!!!

You know I have never surfed up at Biride Beach (nude beach just north of here that I’ve enjoyed over the years).  If there is a nice day this week maybe I’ll go up there and surf just in my speedos?  Anyone want to join me?

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