Hanging out in Speedos

What are you guys up to this weekend?

Nothing out of the ordinary here, the Super 15 Rugby is in full swing so I’ve been watching a bit of that, the boys came around to my place for some drinks on Friday night (starting to become a bit of a routine among my married friends to chill out on a Friday afternoon).

This morning I went for an early morning surf (I stayed on the board the whole time instead of tempting those thresher sharks that I wrote about last weekend).  The guys who don’t live within walking distance park at my place and then we just walk up the beach.

What gets me though is that all these guys wear speedos under their board shorts or wetsuits but none of them are comfortable enough to just hang out in their speedos.  We all hang out shirtless and a few of them wear old rugby shorts which aren’t much bigger than a pair of speedos.  I really find it interesting and I would love it if a few of them would just chill out in speedos.

I’m trying to make a good example and stay ‘speedo only’ for a while and nobody seems to care.  Maybe in time they’ll join me…..

First up some old school pics of guys just chilling out in speedos.

Speedo GuysGay Boys in Speedos

Some belly flopping in speedos.

Diving in SpeedosPlaying Around in SpeedosFooling around in Speedos

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Eric said,  

4 good looking guys in picture 2. Love the dark sunglasses. And pink speedo guy is wearing them nice and low.

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