Hot Speedo Selfies

Have any of you guys got in trouble for selfies?

So far, I haven’t gotten in to any trouble I didn’t want – hehehehe.

I do have some selfies of the Surfer Chick and I from a year or so ago.  One is me wearing my red Arena speedos, one is me wearing a pair of very see through white Dave Evans Swimwear speedos and in both she is wearing a black Wicked Weasel.  If you guys are interested, I might post that gallery in the members area – leave a comment.

Check out these selfies – which colour do you like the most?

Red is my choice.

Amateur Speedo SelfieBlue Speedo Selfie

Check these speedo selfie jerk off movie out –

4 Users Responded in " Hot Speedo Selfies "

Dr. Phil said,  

I like them all, and even though it’s clearly the same guy in all three, if he were identical triplets and all of them were interested in me, I’d have to take the blue one…I just like blue better, and anything in blue (especially blue speedos) almost always looks better to me as a result. I know, I’m weird. 😉

DeepKisser said,  

Dave. the blue one is good, maybe because you see some side butt. Young model, need a man a bit older to show off the front.

bigyny said,  

Like them all, but if pressed I would go with the blue

john dee said,  

The blue and the red look the best but I wouldn’t say no to him in any colour speedos he’s rather nice and he wouldn’t be wearing them for long anyway once I got hold of him

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