Hunting Waterfalls

I am up early and about to go waterfall hunting in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland…. I was going to go yesterday but I had a late night hottub with the two guys (the two guys I wrote about here) and instead of being in bed early, the three of us drank a little bit of scotch and they tag teamed me well in to the early hours of the morning.  My butt, and head, were a little sore yesterday.

Today, is a new day and I’m up early and ready to go hunt for some waterfalls.

From my research I should be able to go for a swim and lets hope there are some speedos about…  I will endeavour to take some speedo selfies for you guys.

Waterfall Selfies

OK… two guys, in speedos, making out in a waterfall, that is pretty hot!

Speedo Kissing

I do have some pics of me speedo’ing it up in waterfalls.  Most of these pics are taken in Colorado when I’ve visited Kip.

Speedos and Waterfalls

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