Spit Roasted

I shared this experience with members last week and thought I’d share it with everyone today.

This was two weeks ago and since then I’ve caught up with the guys each week for a similar fuck session.

As you guys know (or those who follow me know) I have recently moved up to the Sunshine Coast.  It is in Australia, on the east cost, north of Brisbane in the state of Queensland.

I have always wanted to live up here because it is laid back, the weather is beautiful (that might be why they call it the Sunshine Coast) and the beaches are great.  Me moving up here happened pretty quickly, without much planning and while I have some friends in Brisbane, I don’t actually know anyone here on the coast.

Before you start worrying about me being lonely, remember I am the Aussie Speedo Guy and I have a bit of a history with mobile hookup apps.

Let me tell you about the first friends I made here in my new home town.

It was the end of my first full day in my new unit and after a day at the beach, working on my speedo tan, I was feeling a little bit horny.  Maybe a little bit lonely to go along with feeling horny.  I grabbed my mobile phone, a drink and went up to the rooftop hottub.  Because of all the border closures here in Australia, the building I’m living in has no tourists and feels really empty so I had the hottub all to myself.  I was wearing a pair of AussieBum Portsea’s (they are blue and I have a bit of a history getting in to naughty situations while wearing them).

Sitting in the hottub, on my own, I started updating my details on the hookup app.  Just a little bit of a rant: if you use a dating or hookup app, put as much info as you can in there and as many photos as possible.  The whole idea of it is to hookup and the more someone knows about you the better. And then when you message someone, trying putting a little more effort than “Hey”.  If it goes well, I will sucking your cock, or letting your fuck my arse in the next thirty minutes, how about a little more than “Hey”. So I updated my profile, added some new photos (I’ve put on a little bit of weight since the Covid started so wanted up to date pics.

Profile updated, I made a couple of phone calls then ducked back down stairs to get another drink.

It had been half an hour or so since I updated my profile and the app had blown up with messages.  I can’t remember exactly how many messages were in my inbox but if it was twelve, ten of them were the “Hey”.  Jesus Louise some people are slack. In the past I’ve replied to a “Hey” with “Hey is what horses eat.” but this time I just deleted them.

One reply did catch my attention though.  “G’day Dave, looking great in that little speedo. My partner Matt and I would love to meet you. We both prefer being top, think you could handle us? Check out our profile for more details about us and feel free to ask anything.”

I looked at their profile. Two barrel chested Aussie men, these guys were big, late thirties and while their photos didn’t show their faces (I completely understand the need for discretion) there was a photo of them arm in arm on a beach wearing AussieBum speedos.

These guys sounded like fun and just wanted I needed….

Men in Speedos


These guys live just around the corner so ten minutes later I got their message that they were here. I wrapped my towel around me, threw on my shirt and headed down to the front doors to let the guys in.  They looked just like their photos online and we all shook hands, just like old mates.

We jumped in the elevator and there was an older couple coming up from the basement in there. If they only knew what the three of us were going to get up to in the next hour!

Back on the roof, the guys lost their shirts and shorts and revealed their AussieBum speedos.  I dropped my towel and that made three guys, speedo guys, getting in the hottub.  The guys brought some beer and they were handed around.

When I’m on my knees, the hottub is about nipple deep.  Somehow it worked out that I was in the middle of the hottub, on my knees and the guys were on either side of me.  After a little bit of small talk, a few sips of beer, one of the guys asked me to hold his beer.  No problems.  However, I didn’t realize what he had in mind.  Now I had a beer in each hand which made me a little vulnerable. His hands started roaming around my speedo. His hands were joined by the other guy who put his beer down and his hands started as well.  Four big, masculine hands all over my speedo, front, back, squeezing, rubbing. I was full erect.

Then their hands were inside my speedo.

Without undoing the drawstring their hands slipped under the lycra through the legs.  Hands, everywhere. My balls, my cock, my butt hole.

I wanted to feel how horny these guys were so I managed to put down the beers in my hands and reached under the water to feel the front of their speedos.  The nylon (AussieBum’s are made of nylon instead of lycra) covering their cocks was being stretched. They were both hard, really hard.

If the hottub was private we would have kept going there but since we could have been interrupted at any moment, I suggested we take this threesome back to my unit.

Thankfully nobody joined us in the elevator. Although we had towels around our waists, the towels couldn’t even hide the three hard cocks that were present. And, the conversation might have made any unsuspecting guest blush a little bit. The guys asked me if I liked being Spit Roasted.  Who did they think they were asking? Of course I like being Spit Roasted!

Right there, in the elevator they had a scissors/paper/rock to decide who got first go on my arse.  It felt like my arse was being auctioned off.

Imagine if you were in an elevator with three guys, all shirtless, towels not really hiding their bulging crotches, deciding who got to fuck my arse first.

We didn’t make it all the way in to my unit when our speedos were being removed. I personally prefer to keep them on but it didn’t look like I would get much of a day in proceedings. My speedos were pretty much torn off and the three of us headed to my bedroom. Again, I was between these two muscly guys and they positioned me on my knees.  Before I knew it, I had a cock in my mouth and felt my butt cheeks spread and the other guy start tonguing my arse. I really love being rimmed.

The rimjob didn’t last long, he was just getting my arse ready for the fucking that was to cum. The next feeling I was aware of (remember I was working on a fat cock that was in my mouth so I had other things to concentrate on). I felt a finger, all slippery, working around my butt hole. Then, it was inside me. Just a little bit. I must have flinched a little bit because one of the guys (I wasn’t sure which one) asked if I was OK.

Breaking my suction on the cock that was in my mouth, I turn my head and said “Are you going to fuck me or what?”

That got a laugh from the guys and as the guy behind me positioned his cock at my rear entry he said something along the lines of, Dave, when we are done with you, you’ll know that you’ve been fucked.

Slowly, he slid his cock inside me. I knew it was thick from touching it in the hottub, and seeing it when we got back to my unit. Now I was feeling just how thick it was.  With cock in my mouth I moaned when the head of his cock popped in. He paused, I paused and after a few seconds I was pushing my arse back towards him, wanting more.

The guy in my arse found some rhythm and was fucking me with a nice steady tempo. This gave me a change to focus on the cock in my mouth

Threesome Anal Position

My new found focus on the cock in my mouth was working, working too well because all of a sudden it was removed from my mouth and I was told he was getting too close.  He lifted me up and started kissing me instead.  It might have been the change in the position of my hips but the guy in my arse lifted the tempo, he was getting close. Louder moans, closer. Then one deep thrust and he paused, then I felt him shudder as his cock exploded. He had a pretty good grip on my hips as I felt his cock stitch and spasm inside me.

The guy I was kissing while this orgasm was happening, in my arse, broke off the kiss and told his boyfriend that it was his turn on my arse.

Cock was removed from my arse, and I expected to be turned around but instead I was pushed backwards on the bed so I was lying on my back.  The guy who had just fucked me handed his boyfriend a condom which was put on in record time then he grabbed me by the hips.  I was dragged towards him and my hips raised.

Anal Sex Position

The first guy to fuck me had removed his used condom and grabbed my knees lifting them up, This gave his boyfriend easy access to my, recently fucked, arse.

Then, I had a cock inside me again. After my cock sucking efforts, this wasn’t going to last long and I wanted to cum as well so I started stroking my cock while I was being fucked hard, and fast.

It was a close finish, but I think I started cumming on my stomach a few seconds before the guy in my arse started cumming.

There was lots of huffing and puffing and when the guys had caught their breath they kissed above me, then they both kissed me in turn and thanked me.

After that first encounter, it has turned in to a weekly thing. We hang out in speedos, drink some beer and two guys fuck my brains out.  It is a nice arrangement I think.

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