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Late night blog post for you guys – been a super busy day here and I’m finally going to hit the sack (I might play with my sack and then hit the sack).

The weather here has been pretty cold and tomorrow it is supposed to be a high in the single digits (C) and today there was barely anyone on the beach at all.  Very much non-speedo weather and as such I haven’t gotten Tyler out to Birdie Beach for some outdoor speedo fun.

I do have a date with the surfer chick tomorrow night.  My first str8 dinner date in years.

I think that I’m going to wear speedos under my jeans tonight just in case there is any hanky panky.  I’d like the surfer chick to know what to expect – hehehe.

Today I wanted to post these photos.  I love the confidence in both of these photos which I’d love to see more of from guys in speedos.  At the pool I know Alex and I are pretty confident walking around in our speedos but I admit I’m not as confident at the beach or around groups of people.

Picking up chicks in speedos
Where is this speedo friendly beach?

I think this photo is taken in Hawaii.  I love the confidence of the guy in the speedo and how great he looks compared to the dork in the dork shorts.  Well done mate!!!

Speedos are better

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swimmer/biker said,  

I do not know what it is with guys and lack of confidence. Ask yourself how you would dress if you were a gal….they always show cleavage…tight pants hugging their vagina,showing their humps,tight tops without bras that show nipples….don’t we all appreciate these things?…Dont they get cat calls and comments and mostly love it…Dont they enjoy looking sexy…we should also…When, IF EVER, did you dress sexy enough that someone made any comment…. As guys we need to get more “ballsie” You only live once and your only young for a few more years…PS the gals and guys would appreciate us looking spicier..

samspeedo said,  

Wouldn’t disagree, swimmer/biker! I guess a lot of American males have been brought up to ‘dress modestly’ – apart from those muscle hunks on Venice Beach, CA. They get their gear off in frat houses, stick their cocks into all sorts of places, and get captured on video doing it . . . but, take ’em to a beach, and they have to cover up as if they’re gonna get sunburnt! Having worn speedos for ages – for swimming, posing and play – I still can’t get my head around why guys seem to thing they’ll show off ‘something’ or ‘too much’ or they’ll ’embarrass’ someone else – or themselves (perhaps) by looking hot in a sleek speedo! C’mon guys . . . get real!

beerdoc_colorado said,  

finally some heat! 97F tomorrow. and my new speedos look great in the plunge pool. and if it gets too hot i m only 45 min. away from snow in the mountains. some bike shorts revile more than swimsuits, especially white bike shorts 🙂

swimmer/biker said,  

As you can tell from my name I am a fan of tight lycra bike pants….you can get away with white and there are plenty of bulges at the biker bulge web sites….Do you think guys will be more at ease showing off cock in biker tights than Speedos?

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