Grindr to the rescue

The surprise that I had lined up for you guys is being delayed.  I’ve got a mate from Sydney up this weekend and Surfer Chick is coming over for dinner so I might not be online as much as I want to be when I launch this new ‘thing’.

This week was looking like a pretty ‘dry’ one for me with Alex out of town on work stuff and Surfer Chick in Sydney the first half of the week.

So, my old savior Gindr came to the rescue on Thursday.  I really wonder what we ever did without it.  The guy I got talking to lived about half an hour from my place and he hosted, he was a bottom and he wore a pair of speedos for me (black speedo solars like the ones pictured below).  It was good to ‘get a shot off’ so I’m not so tightly wound this weekend – hehe.

My mate from Sydney who is coming up is doing some bike training ride up here.  Unfortunately, he is 100% str8 so no hanky panky on the cards (unless Surfer Chick wants us both….. just throwing it out there incase she is reading this).  I will get to have a lycra clad straight guy wandering around the house all weekend though which isn’t too bad.

Have a good weekend guys and I’ll talk more on Monday about my new ‘thing’.

Speedo Solar

3 Users Responded in " Grindr to the rescue "

DeepKisser said,  

That helps to explain the speedo bottom photos!

spear said,  

Nice bulge there. Wonder if there’s a cock ring behind all

darren said,  

I agree with spear, he must be wearing a cock ring. Even then he still has a great cock

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