Speedo Only Day

Just a lazy Sunday here guys, was up reasonably early for a surf with the boys, I wore speedos… under my wetsuit and now I’m just sitting here working.  The boys might come around later today to watch the Lions play Geelong (Aussie Rules Football).

I was just thinking, during the week, take Friday for example, I spent the whole day sitting around in my red speedos.  I woke up, put on my red Arena speedos and didn’t put anything on over them until about 4pm.  I jerked off twice (I was editting new movies – the ones with Allen King).  It is funny that on weekends I have to wear more clothing because people drop in randomly.

Right now I am horny, I’m wearing some classic white AussieBums (similar to the ones pictured below) and I have a raging hardon and I’m oozing precum.

Normally I would just flop it out and jerk off but the back door is open, the neighbour chicks are home and the front door is unlocked and my mates do just walk in anytime.  I better go into my room and deal with this just in case someone drops in.

Are these pictures of me?  Or of someone I know?  Wink-wink.

AussieBum ErectionAussieBum Cumming

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samspeedo said,  

Thinking they might be of you, Dave!

Reason: It’s a lazy Sunday morning, you’re doing the website and thinking about hot recent encounters! Like me, you start to ooze a bit of the precum and, before you know it, it’s all over your speedos/undies/gown/boxers or woteva!

Figuring you may have grabbed the camera and shot off a few pix before everything subsided OR any visitors wandered in!

On the other hand, you say you’re in white Aussiebums! These are obviously the now deleted (?) line of ice blue Aussiebums . . . so it may be a man of mystery instead! lol

ChicagoDan said,  

I would love to walk in on whoever it is. Very hot speedos with a nice package onside.

Dr. Phil said,  

I’m wearing some that are almost that same color–a very pale blue–that are much thinner sides at the moment, which are from Modus Vivendi. For the last five days, I’ve spent almost the entire day each day wearing speedos and a hoodie at my apartment…that’s a good look, and I highly recommend it! 😉

Whether this is you or not: I don’t think so, but no offense to you that I’m saying that…I think it isn’t you because this fellow is a bit hairier than I think you’re accustomed to being, from what I have gathered. Still, not bad!

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