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It is funny, I get a bunch of emails from readers but the most common email I get (at least 6 a day) is people asking me to email them more speedos photos. 

What the?

This blog has over 1,000 posts now and pretty much ever post has 1 or more photos.  The ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘ on SwimmerBoyz means you can see nearly 100 speedo photos AND if you part with a while $15 you can see 6,500+ photos as a member of SwimmerBoyz

I’m baffled at the request – yesterday someone even left a comment which reads like most of the emails I get.

Speaking of speedo photos, I found these two pics a while back and I’ve been meaning to post about them….

The first pic is of my Andrew Christian speedos – the ones I have are in red though and I LOVE THEM!!!  The material on them is really nice.  Thing is, I accidentally left them in Colorado with Kip so perhaps I might have to head over there and get them back.

The 2nd pic of of a pair of AussieBum undies that I bought years ago that I just found.  They look amazing but their fit is weird and I’ve never really liked them.

Does any one else own either of these speedos/undies?

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frost said,  

The undies you mention are the Aussiebum “Breathe” line. I must say, I love them. Own one in every color and am frustrated that they no longer produce them. The fit and feel was perfect for me. Plus, they just look incredibly sexy. At least my wife says so. 🙂

Dr. Phil said,  

I have a similar Andrew Christian speedo–it’s the Phys Ed. one, though, and is about that same cut, but in royal blue rather than navy (as this one in the photo is). It has the “show-it” sling support, which is the worst thing about it…I don’t really like that “enhancement” system. (C-IN2’s is no better…)

As for the Aussie Bum undies, yes, I happen to have two pair in that line–an orange, and the light blue, and I love them. They don’t look anywhere near as good on me as they do on this guy in the photo, but nonetheless, I love them…!

Dave Evans said,  

Frost & Dr. Phil,

I completely agree that those AussieBum Breathe undies look amazing. Must have just been the sizing on mine which didn’t give me the same result.

Great to hear they did wear as good as they look though.


Darren said,  

I find the problem with Speedos or similar makes they never come with less than 2 inch sides. I wear ones with 3/4 inch sides that I buy from http://www.kiniki.com, they are close fitting, low cut just covering everything.

air47wa said,  

Darren, get Speedo solars. They have 1″ sides and are AWESOME. I wore mine in Hawaii this year and loved them!

Darren said,  

air47wa, thanks for the tip, but I will stick with kiniki, they are really close fitting and unlined. I have suggested they make them in white as well, being unlined that would make them even more exciting.

scotrock said,  

I have three pairs of the aussiebums. I hadn’t worn them in a while but I dug them out after reading this. They felt just as good as I remember. And, no, I don’t have the body of the guy in the photo either.

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