Surfing in Speedos

I’m not sure why but I’m up nice and early, strange for a Sunday.  The boys are coming over at about 7am for a surf.  Looking a little overcast so might be wetsuit weather again.

I really think it is a shame that I can’t go surfing in a speedo.  I think I’d wear my Turbo speedos (like the guy in the header image) since they are a more heavy duty material.

These guys don’t mind surfing in their speedos.

Speedo SurfingSpeedo SurferBlue Turbo Speedo SurferBlue Speedos

The thing that annoys me about nto being able to surf in speedos is that the surf life saving guys can.  Even the surf boy guys, who are normally pretty masculine guys, they always wear speedos.

Life Saver in SpeedosPaddle Board Speedo Guy

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Dr. Phil said,  

#1, #3, and #4 can come and surf with me anytime (or, I’d like to “surf” on their “boards”–or at least something “woody” they have!), and the two guys in photo #5 can save me anytime they like, too! 😉

Spear said,  

Undoubtedly the first four are paid to stand there and look sexy as hell. Whether they actually surf in what they’re wearing is another question. The last couple of pics, the suits go with the territory. That’s what these guys wear and no one questions it.

Dave Evans said,  


Yeah the first two guys don’t have leashes on so probably just standing there looking pretty.


Spear said,  

How many surfers get out of the water with their hair all in place and no water on their bodies? Very funny indeed. AT least number four got sprayed with water but his hair is all too pretty

samspeedo said,  

Yeah … love #1, #5 and #6 as they’re more natural (well, the guys are photoed doing their surf thing!) I think.

It is a bit weird that no-one looks disapprovingly at surf lifesavers in speedos – possibly, because that’s seen as their ‘uniform’.

I think the rest of us should just get out there in our speedos and show the rest of the world it’s perfectly normal to wear ’em to the beach – or anywhere else there’s water!

Darren said,  

Spear the guy in pic 4 may have dry hair, but who is interested in that, what is inside speedos is much more interesting!

john dee said,  

nice photos Dave 5 and 6 really do it for me the tri coloured speedos in 5 really look hot and a lovely ass on the stud in 6 who could ask for more mind you I wouldn’t say no to any of them for sure

Eric said,  

Hi Dave,

I love guys who surf in speedos- I say you just go for it. I have a whole blog of guys surfing in speedos,, which most of these images are from.

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