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Aussie Blokes

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The weather here this week has been just sensational!!!

It has definitely got me in to speedo mode, that is pretty much all I have been wearing around the house, at the pool and at the beach of course.

The other day I saw something from AussieBum saying they were having a party in Mykonos (beach place in Greece).  Can you imagine such a party?

Got me thinking, are there any speedo only parties/events in Australia that you have heard of?  If not, maybe I should organize one…. just a bunch of Aussie Blokes hanging out in speedos.

Aussie Blokes in Budgy Smuggler SpeedosBlokes in SpeedosAussie Gay Blokes

August 20th, 2023

Aussie Hottie

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Nathan grew up in my home town, went to the same uni (college) I did.  I can’t believe we didn’t hang out in speedos?  He is a little bit younger than I am so we would have really crossed paths.

Nathan is a bit of a Twitter and Instagram sensation and I thought I’d share with you guys his private gallery, doesn’t he look amazing in his speedos?

Aussie Speedo Boy

For members, here is his Twitter and Instagram account so you can follow him as well.

Aussie Speedo Guy Nathan


September 24th, 2021

Luke, Sans-Speedo

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I hope you guys enjoyed the photos of Luke on Monday….

I received an email back from Luke and he is great, he loved that I posted his pics again and said he remembers those times fondly.  Luke graduated from uni/college and is now in London but planning on coming back to Australia in the next 12 months or so.  He did ask that I don’t mention his profession but he has a pretty good job by the sounds of it.  Luke is single and enjoying the single life.  He still loves speedos and swims a couple of times a week and only ever in a speedo.

He thinks he has the speedo that was used in the photo shoot in storage back in Aussie which was kinda of funny.

Well, I started the work week with pics of Luke, why not finish the week off with some more pics of Luke, this time Sans-Speedo.

Of course – blog members can see the entire gallery (110 photos I think).

Nude Gay Model

February 5th, 2016
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